Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't like hypocrites

Well, honestly I know this person who is near to me as a hypocrite. I known her inside out but she never knew it. She always claimed that nobody knows her. Obviously, her attitudes shown clearly but she never noticed it. She portrays only the good side of her in front of others but not inside the so-called room. No body will believe it but my other friend who used to be with her also said the same thing complaining about her, only the one who stayed with her will know her true colours. Since I got to know her, I wish she could change but I noticed that she haven't change and come to worst she is still haunted by her previous experiences. It is just like the experiences has blacken her heart which sometimes I feel as if I can read her mind and know she has bad intentions. She never grows and could not control her desire to become the best in front of others and not in front of God. Yes, as a friend you have to accept her weaknesses but sometimes it is so annoying that you know it but you couldn't do much to help her. I hate hypocrites and yes, I wish I never know her so that I wouldn't have the desire to help her. I am being cruel now because I could not stand hypocrites anymore!

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